Poker high rollers – who are they?

In this review material, we will get acquainted with such a poker term as high roller, we will find out who it is and why they are called that, what are their differences from other players and their main features.

As with any gambling game or even sports competition, poker has more than strict rules and elaborate strategies. Wherever there is a human presence, there is also a human factor that influences many circumstances.

Poker is no exception, because at every game table during the match there are real people with their own character, manners and styles of play. Of course, professionals with extensive experience and practice can easily determine the temperament of their opponent. But a beginner often does not have enough “training” for such recognition for correct conclusions, and this is very important.

Who is a poker high roller?
Let’s take it in order – first, let’s figure out who a high roller is in poker. In simple words, this is a special, very visible category of top-level professional players. We can say that poker is a kind of “super ability” for them. High rollers play at very high stakes and at the same time they are very risky.

We regularly hear, see or read information about this or that winner of high roller tournaments and the amounts denoting the size of the prize money explain to us the scope of the event and make it clear what is at stake for the money there. Players with such a degree of excitement are treated with special attention in casinos – and this is quite logical.

High roller in poker – signs
Let’s look at the list of the so-called special signs of our today’s heroes and understand by what signs we can recognize them when we meet.

The high roller does not waste time on trifles – he prefers to make very large bets.

Such players are ready to risk large sums for the sake of their victory – the loss of money, in case of loss, does not bother them much.

Both of the above factors tell us that they do not have financial difficulties and are quite wealthy people.

High rollers have a special mindset and character and mindset, they do not stop themselves in the game when the situation becomes risky.

High rollers play “without looking back”, as if tomorrow they will not have the opportunity to pick up cards. People with such a playful temperament believe in their luck every time. It is almost impossible to meet a newcomer at tables with such a contingent, and many land-based casinos equip special VIP seats for their beloved, so to speak, clients and monitor the “composition” of their tables.

High Rollers – Whales and Poker Pros
The special caste of high rollers has two main classifications, so to speak, whales and professionals. And these categories have their own obvious, and sometimes not very, but still, differences. Let’s look at both options.

Poker whales are most often very wealthy players who cannot always shine brightly with their strategies, but the size of the bets shine regularly. They play high because they want and can afford it. In the event of even a very large loss, their budget will not be greatly shaken.

Some representatives of the “squad of whales” perceive poker as a favorite entertainment full of vivid emotions and do not pursue victory as a way of enrichment. For others, poker for big money is a status event. Whales love to take part in major charity tournaments.

Professional Players – Professional high rollers are a completely separate type of player. These people perceive poker as a large and very important part of their life. For them, poker is a vocation that brings great profits.

Professional high rollers are the elite of poker in the literal sense of the word. They have their own fans, the press and every player who dreams of building their own poker career knows them. The pros play big, meaningful tournaments and place big bets for a big win. Special High Roller Events are organized for them – buy-ins for which are measured in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These poker players have long found their place in the Poker Hall of Fame, they have won WSOP gold bracelets, and the names flaunt on the list of the wealthiest players. Note that age sometimes does not play a very important role in obtaining the title of a professional, just look at the TOP of the most successful young people in poker and the list of beautiful, smart and also very rich over-women.